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Andrea Cimarelli

Andrea Cimarelli                                
Head of the Lab, PI

Scientific Lyceum, Pesaro, Italy Baccalaureate 07/88
University of Pavia, Italy Laurea 06/92 Virology
University of Pavia, Italy PhD 07/96 Virology
Columbia University, New York, USA Post doc 09/96-01/00 Virology
Ecole Normale Superièure Lyon, France Post doc 02/00-05/03 Virology
Ecole Normale Superièure Lyon, France, Permanent researcher 06/03-11/10 Virology
Ecole Normale Superièure Lyon, France Head of the lab 11/10-present Virology
Our laboratory is devoted to the understanding of the basic mechanisms of the early phases of the HIV-1 life cycle and in particular to the identification and characterization of the cellular proteins that interfere with viral replication.

Positions and employment
1988 – 1992 Student in Biological Sciences. Cellular tropism of HTLV-II and HIV-1 in
coinfected patients. University of Pavia, Italy. Mentor: Prof. U. Bertazzoni.
1993 - 1996 Applied Genetics School Fellow. Characterization of HTLV-II infection in vivo; Characterization of HIV-1 infection of epidermal Langerhans cells. University of
Pavia, Italy. Mentor: Prof. U. Bertazzoni.
1996 - 2000 Post-doctoral Research Scientist. HIV-1 virion assembly. Dept of Microbiology, Columbia University, New York, USA. Advisor: Dr. J. Luban.
2000 - 2004 Post-doctoral Research Scientist. DCs for cell therapy against SIV and HIV. Early steps of the HIV life cycle. INSERM and Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon, Lyon, France. Advisor: Prof. JL. Darlix.
2004 - 2010 Permanent Researcher, CR1 CNRS. Development of vaccination strategies
against HIV. Early steps of the HIV life cycle. INSERM and Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Lyon, France
2010-present Director of Research, DR2-CNRS. Head of the laboratory : host-pathogen
interaction during lentiviral infection. INSERM and Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Lyon, France.

Research Administration/evaluation
2007- 2009. Member of the “Commission of Biologists” ENS-Lyon.
2007-present. Permanent member of the Scientific Council of Sidaction, French funding agency for AIDS research
2012- present. Member of the Council of Direction of the Center for International Research on Infectiology (CIRI), Lyon, France.

Honors and awards
1993-1995 AIDS Fellowship, Italian Institute of Health
1995-1997 Overseas AIDS Fellowship, Italian Institute of Health
2000-2001 INSERM Post verte Fellowship
2002-2004 Marie Curie European Community Fellowship
2004- Researcher, CR1 CNRS, INSERM U412, ENS-Lyon
2010- Director, DR2 CNRS, INSERM 758, ENS-Lyon
2012- Scientific price of excellence of the CNRS

Routine evaluation of master reports and PhD thesis juries for the Doctorate school of the Lyon I and ENS Universities. Teaching at a rate of 4-10 hrs teaching per year.
Responsible for the training during the last 5 years of 8 Master students, 2 L3 students and 4 technicians in addition to the PhD students listed below.
Supervision of PhD theses (Past students)
Goujon Caroline in 2007 (3yrs). Presently post doc in Malim’s lab (London, UK).
Arfi Vanessa in 2008 (3yrs). Presently post doc in Bartholin’s lab (Lyon, France).
Rivière Lise in 2009 (4yrs). Presently post doc in Mordelet’s lab (Paris, France).
Berger Gregory in 2011 (3 yrs). Presently post doc in Neil’s lab (London, UK).
Stéphanie Cordeil in 2012 (3 yrs). Presently Medical school student.


1) C. Goujon, L. Riviere, L. Jarrosson-Wuilleme, J. Bernaud, D. Rigal, J.L. Darlix, A. Cimarelli. SIVSM/HIV-2 Vpx proteins promote retroviral escape from a proteasome-dependent restriction pathway present in human dendritic cells. Retrovirology. 2007 Jan 9;4(1):2.
2) V. Arfi, L. Riviere, L. Jarrosson-Wuilleme, C. Goujon, D. Rigal, J.L. Darlix, A. Cimarelli. Characterization of the early steps of infection of primary blood monocytes by HIV-1. J. Virol. 82(13):6557-65 (2008).
3) C. Goujon, V. Arfi, T. Pertel, J. Luban, J. Lienard, D. Rigal, J.L. Darlix, A. Cimarelli. Characterization of SIVSM/HIV-2 Vpx function in human myeloid cells. J Virol. 82:12335-12345. (2008).
4) G. Berger, C. Goujon, J.L. Darlix, A. Cimarelli. SIVMAC Vpx improves the transduction of dendritic cells with nonintegrative HIV-1-derived vectors. Gene Ther. Jan;16(1):159-63 (2009).
5) V. Arfi, J. Lienard, X.N. Nguyen, G. Berger, D. Rigal, J.L. Darlix, A. Cimarelli.
Characterization of the behavior of functional viral genomes during the early steps of HIV-1 infection. J Virol. Aug;83(15):7524-35. (2009).
6) L. Riviere, J.L. Darlix, A. Cimarelli. Analysis of the viral elements required in the nuclear import of HIV-1 DNA. J Virol. Jan;84(2):729-39. (2010).
7) A. Cimarelli. Journey to the heart of macrophages: the delicate relationship between HIV-1
and a multifaceted cell type. Retrovirology. 7:28 (2010).
8) G. Berger, S. Durand, C. Goujon, X.N Nguyen, S. Cordeil, J.L. Darlix, A Cimarelli. A Simple, Versatile and Efficient Method to Genetically Modify Human Monocyte-derived Dendritic Cells with HIV-1-derived Lentiviral Vectors. Nat. Protoc. 6, 806-816, Epub 2011 May 19. (2011).
9) S. Durand and A Cimarelli. The inside out of lentiviral vectors. Viruses, 3(2): 132-159 (2011).
10) G. Berger, S. Durand, G. Fargier, X.N. Nguyen, S. Cordeil, S. Bouaziz, D. Muriaux, J. L. Darlix and A. Cimarelli. APOBEC3A Is a Specific Inhibitor of the Early Phases of HIV-1 Infection in Myeloid Cells. PLoSPathog. Sep;7(9):e1002221. Epub 2011 Sep 22. (2011).
11) S. Durand, X.N. Nguyen, J. Turpin, S. Cordeil, N. Nazaret, S. Croze, R. Mahieux, J.
Lachuer, C. Legras-Lachuer and A. Cimarelli. Tailored HIV-1 vectors for the genetic
modification of primary human dendritic cells and monocytes. J Virol.Jan;87(1):234-42 (2013).
12) G. Berger, J. Turpin, S. Cordeil, K. Tartour, X.N. Nguyen, R. Mahieux, A. Cimarelli. Functional analysis of the relationship between Vpx and the restriction factor SAMHD1. JBC. Nov 30;287(49):41210-7 (2012).
13) S. Cordeil, X.N. Nguyen, G. Berger, S. Durand, M. Ainouze, A. Cimarelli. Evidence for a different susceptibility of primate lentiviruses to type I interferons. J Virol. Mar 87(5):2587-96. (2013). Spotlight Article.

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