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Du Bing

Du Bing                     
Associate Professor

East China Normal University, Shanghai, China PhD 06/06 Immunology
East China Normal University, Shanghai, China Instructor 07/06 Immunology
Texas A&M Health Science Center, Houston USA Visiting Scholar 11/07 Immunology
East China Normal University, Associate Professor 12/10-present Immunology

Our laboratory interests are focused on understanding the regulation of innate immune
responses by G protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) and herbal medicines in inflammation, cancer and infectious disease.
In recent 3 years, I published more than 20 articles on high-impact immunology and
pharmacological journals such as Journal of Immunology, Cancer Letters and JBC. Meanwhile, I dedicated social activity as a reviewer for different SCI and CSCD journals. In the past few years, I got multiple grant supports from Ministry of Science and Technology of China, National Natural Science Foundation, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and East China Normal University.

[1]. Du, B., W. Luo, R. Li, B. Tan, H. Han, X. Lu, D. Li, M. Qian, D. Zhang, Y. Zhao, and M. Liu. Lgr4/Gpr48 negatively regulates TLR2/4 associated pattern recognition and innate immunity by targeting CD14 expression. J Biol Chem. 2013. Prepublished on 2013/04/17 as DOI 10.1074/jbc.M113.455535
[2]. Zhao, Q., Qian, Y., Li, R., Tan, B., Han, H., Liu, M., Qian, M., and Du, B*. Norcantharidin Facilitates LPS-Mediated Immune Responses by Up-Regulation of AKT/NF-kappaB Signaling in Macrophages. PLoS ONE, 2012;7, e44956.
[3]. Wang, Z., Jiang, W., Zhang, Z., Qian, M., and Du, B*. Nitidine chloride inhibits LPS-induced inflammatory cytokines production via MAPK and NF-kappaB pathway in RAW 264.7 cells. J Ethnopharmacol􀄑 2012;144, 145-150.
[4]. Pan X, Han H, Wang L, Yang L, Li R, Li Z, Liu J, Zhao Q, Qian M, Liu M, Du B*. Nitidine Chloride inhibits breast cancer cells migration and invasion by suppressing c-Src/FAK associated signaling pathway. Cancer Lett., 2011;313: 181-191.
[5]. Zhang Z, Wang Z, Ren H, Yue M, Huang K, Gu H, Liu M, Du B*, Qian M*. P2Y6 agonist UDP promotes host defense against bacterial infection via MCP-1 mediated
monocytes/macrophages recruitment. Journal of Immunology, 2011;186:5376-5387.
[6]. Han H, Du B, Pan X, Liu J, Zhao Q, Lian X, et al. CADPE inhibits PMA-stimulated gastric carcinoma cell invasion and matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression by FAK/MEK/ERK-mediated AP-1 activation. Mol Cancer Res., 2010;8:1477-88.
[7]. Du B, Han H, Wang Z, Kuang L, Wang L, Yu L, et al. Targeted drug delivery to
hepatocarcinoma in vivo by phage-displayed specific binding peptide. Mol Cancer Res., 2010;8:135-44.
[8]. Guo J, Du B, Qian M,.Cai W,.Wang Z, and. Sun Z, Raman spectroscopic identification of normal and malignant hepatocytes, Chin. Opt. Lett., 2009;7, 60-63
[9]. Guo J, Cai W, Du B, Qian M, Sun Z. Raman spectroscopic investigation on the interaction of malignant hepatocytes with doxorubicin. Biophys Chem 2009;140:57-61.
[10]. Wang L, Kuang L, Pan X, Liu J, Wang Q, Du B, Li D, Luo J, Liu M, Hou A and Qian M Isoalvaxanthone inhibits colon cancer cell proliferation, migration and invasion through inactivating Rac1 and AP-1. Int J Cancer., 2010;127(5):1220-1229.
[11]. Kuang, L., Wang L, Wang Q, Zhao Q, Du B, Li D, Luo J, Liu M, Hou A., and Qian M. Cudratricusxanthone G inhibits human colorectal carcinoma cell invasion by MMP-2 downregulation through suppressing activator protein-1 activity. Biochem Pharmacol., 2011;81(10):1192-200

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