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French-Chinese Lab for Comparing Curricula in Science Education (C2SE)

The research project is under the co-supervision of
Luc TROUCHE                                         XU Binyan 
(Director of Resarch, IFE)                      (Vice dean of the School
                                                              of Education Science, ECNU)

Maryline COQUIDE                                  PEI Xinning
(Education science, ENS de Lyon)          (Director of learning Sciences 
                                                               Center, ECNU)       

C2SE is a research-driven platform for international group building, which is to carry out a descriptive comparative study on the science curriculum prescribed for compulsory education and effective teacher resources (elementary- and lower middle-school levels) between France and China. This is designed to make a content analysis of curriculum content and textbooks of related science disciplines (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, technology, and comprehensive science), with the aims of revealing and delineating the science education features in terms of politics, education, science and curriculum, and hoping that a systematic and comprehensive explanation of science education and its curricula system of both countries will be made. This project is a part of a wider international science education comparative study aiming at making scientific curriculum renewal for the promotion of students’ competences needed for the 21st century, and constructing solutions to important issues such as "reconfiguration of the disciplines", "scientific competence building", "education for sustainable development", and "redefinition of the content and implementation of science curriculum". Meanwhile, the thematic study on digital resources and curricula materials design/development for STEM education will be involved through collaborations.

This project involves three labs of the IFE research platform (EducTice-S2HEP, STEF, CREAD) in France (including interact with HiST), and ICI, SLS and SSE of ECNU in China.

Three levels will be analyzed and compared:

- the macro level, looking at institutional prescriptions often focusing on IBSE (articulating several dimensions: didactical, organisational, historical and sociological);

- the micro/macro level, looking at textbooks and resources used/designed by teachers, identifying structuring resources as well as missing resources;

- the micro level, looking at the actual uses of digital resources for STEM education.

For more information, please consult the project website at

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