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Eric Dayre was born in 1964 in Paris. He is a former Normalien from Ecole Normale Supérieure in Saint-Cloud, where he studied French and English Literatures as well as Philosophy before specializing in the field of Comparative Literature. He is the translator and editor of works by Thomas De Quincey (Pléiade, Gallimard) Coleridge (Bibliothèque de Philosophie, Gallimard) and Charles Lamb (Gallimard).

His main field of research is Romanticism, and the tension between Avant Garde Movements and classicist poetics. His recent publications are -The compared absolute, -(on the relations of poetry and translation), and-Dissembling history, the poetical turn in English Romanticism,- (on the relations of history and literature and the romantic treatment of the concept of history).

He is involved in various researches and actions at the crossroads of literature and art studies (both creative and applied): literature and photography, literature and architecture, visual studies, the relations of science and poetry.

He is a Professor on Comparative Literature at ENS Lyon, in charge of the Center for Comparative Research on Creative Arts, ENS Lyon (CERCC, EA 1633). He is the editor of two Book series : SIGNES at ENSéditions (Lyon), and "Echanges Littéraires" at Hermann (Paris), has been involved in regular expertise for HCERES and has supervised research budget endowments for Human sciences and Literature at the University Sorbonne Paris Cité.

He is also a member of the "Poetry" Committee for the Centre National des Lettres, and has held various curatorial positions for the FRAC PACA (Regional foundation for contemporay art) in Marseilles.

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