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Gao Guohua

Dr. Guohua Gao
Shanghia Key Laboratory of Green Chemistry and Chemical Processes
Department of Chemistry, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China
Tel: 86-21-62233323(O)

Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Ph. D., Chemistry, Sept. 1989 - Dec. 1992
Supervisor: Professor Yuanqi Yin
Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Masters of Science, Chemistry, Sept. 1986 – Jul. 1989
Supervisor: Professor Yuanqi Yin
Inner Mongolia University, China Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, Sept. 1982 – Jul. 1986

Employment and Experience

Dec. 2003 – present Professor East China Normal University, Shanghai, China
Sept. 2002 –Dec. 2003 Research Associate with Professor Sandro Gambarotta Department of Chemistry, University of Ottawa, Canada
Mar. 1999 – Jul. 2002 Postdoctoral Fellow with Professor Tamotsu Takahashi Catalysis Research Center, Hokkaido University, Japan
May 1997 – Mar.1999 Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. S. Kawi, Department of Chemical and Environment Engineering National University of Singapore, Singapore
Feb. 1993 – May 1997 Research Engineer Research Institute of Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Corporation SINOPEC, China

Relevant publications
1.D. Zhang, X. Jiang, H. Yang, Z. Su, E. Gao, A. Martinez* and G. Gao*. Novel benzimidazolium–urea-based macrocyclic fluorescent sensors: synthesis, ratiometric sensing of H2PO4- and improvement of the anion binding performance via a synergistic binding strategy. Chem. Commun., 2013,49, 6149.
2.D. Zhang, X. Jiang, H. Yang, A. Martinez*, M.Feng, Z. Dong and G. Gao*. Acridine-based macrocyclic fluorescent sensors: selfassembly behavior characterized by crystal structures and a tunable athochromic-shift in emission induced by H2PO4 − via adjusting the ring size and rigidity. Org. Biomol. Chem., 2013, 11, 3375.
3.B. Wang, X. Feng, L. Zhang, S. Yang, X. Jiang, J. Zhou, G. Gao *. One-pot reaction of CO2, epichlorohydrin and amine to synthesize 4-(phenylamino)methyl-ethylene carbonate catalyzed by ionic liquids. J. CO2 Util., 2013, 1, 88–91.
4.L. Zhang., X. Fu, G. Gao*. Anion–cation cooperative catalysis by ionic liquids, ChemCatChem, 2011, 3, 1359-1364.
5.L Zhang, Y. Yang, Y. Xue, X.. Fu, Y. An, G. Gao∗. Experimental and theoretical investigation of reaction of aniline with dimethyl carbonate catalyzed by acid–base bifunctional ionic liquids. Catal. Today 2010, 158, 279-285.
6. X. Fu, Z. Zhang, C. Li, L. Wang, H. Ji, Y.Yang, T. Zou, G. Gao*. N-heterocyclic carbomethoxylation catalyzed by ionic liquids in the presence of dimethyl carbonate. Catal. Commun., 2009, 10(5), 665-668.

1. NSFC(21273078), “The conversion of CO2 to heterocyclics catalyzed by functional ionic liquids”, 2013.01-2016.12, Principal Investigator.
2. NSFC(21072061), “Synthesis of novel ionic liquids and their anion recognition properties”, 2011.01-2013.12, Principal Investigator.
3. NSFC(20873041), “Acid-base cooperative catalysis by ionic liquids”, 2009.01-2011.12, Principal Investigator.

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