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He Mingyuan

Director Shanghai Key Laboratory for Green Chemistry and Chemical Processes, East China Normal University;

Vice Chairman of Academic Committee, Research Institute of Petroleum Processing, China Petroleum and Chemicals Corporation.

Prof. He has made technological innovations in the field of catalytic materials for refining and petrochemicals production. More than 200 Chinese or international patents have been assigned. A number of zeolite synthesis and modification methods have been invented and several series of refining catalysts have been developed and commercially applied. He has made contributions in technological progresses to heavy oil cracking, FCC gasoline octane enhancement, new spec gasoline production, etc. One of his achievements was elected as one of the Nation's Top Ten Scientific and Technological Achievements in 1996. He has also won numerous awards such as Nation's Invention Awards, Nation's Scientific and Technological Progress Awards, Outstanding Chinese Patent Awards, SINOPEC Invention Awards, etc. He has published numerous papers in well-recognized journals. He was invited to give plenary lectures in a number of international meetings. He was Co-Chair of 15th International Zeolite Conference, Chair of a forum for 16th World Petroleum Congressmember of Editorial Board of Applied Catalysis A: General published by Elsevier. In 2000, he has been appointed as Principal Scientist for the State Key Basic Research Program in the field of green chemistry. He received Award from Ho Leung Ho Li Foundation, Hong Kong, in 2001. He has been elected as Vice President of International Zeolite Association in 2007.

He was elected Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1995.

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