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Ideogram and the Cognitive Character of Chinese Culture (KAL)

Lecture by Professor PAN Derong (ECNU, Philosophy), June 22, 5pm, Salle des Thèses, Monod Campus "Ideogram and the Cognitive Character of Chinese Culture"
June 22, 2011

Place(s) :

Salle des Thèses, Monod Campus
ENS de Lyon
Within the framework of the Joint Research Institute for Science and Society (JoRISS), Professors Jean-Michel ROY and YU Zhenhua who head the KAL (Knowledge & Action Lab) research operation organized a public lecture for this new structure which is aimed at developing research collaboration between the ENS de Lyon, the ECNU at Shanghai and the CNRS. The lecture took place in the Salle des Thèses of the Jacques Monod site. It was followed by a friendly reception.
Professor PAN Derong, Director of the Philosophy Department of the ECNU at Shanghai and Associate Professor at the University of Luzern (German speaking), can be congratulated on his performance in giving a lecture in English of the theme:
"Ideogram and the Cognitive Character of Chinese Culture".
The lecture simultaneously approached ideograms from the perspective of their cognitive mechanisms and the hermeneutic perspective in order to see how messages are perceived according to their source - discourse, reading or lesson - and to their vector - alphabet-based or ideogram-based written text. The public included students and researchers from the ECNU as well as researchers form the ENS de Lyon, the CNRS and other higher education and research institutions in Lyon.
Professor PAN Derong also participated in the Cognitive Science & the revival of pragmatism workshop organized by the KAL on June 23rd and 24th and in which Professors YU Zhenhua and LI Quanmin from the ECNU also took part.

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