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International Workshop : What is it like to be schizophrenic? (KAL)

Du December 13, 2010 au December 14, 2010

Place(s) :

ENS de Lyon, Center for the Epistemology of Cognitive Science (CESC)
The Kal project collaborated with this international workshop held the Lyon ENS on December 13-14, 2010. Co-organized by Jean-Michel Roy, who delivered the opening talk, it was also attended by HE Jing from ECNU as an invited discussant. The topic of the workshop, the possibility of a rigorous capture of the content of schizophrenic experience that makes it amenable to scientific explanation, is closely linked with the problem of cognitive pragmatism that constitutes the object of KAL research operation 1. A key problem about schizophrenia is indeed the pathological experience of action of the schizophrenic patient and its possible teachings about the nature and role of action in cognition.


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