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JoRISS education

JoRISS educational research platform

Contact ECNU: Huang Zhongjing
Contact ENS de Lyon: Luc Trouche

A recent platform, as the result of a number of interactions

Since January 1st 2017, following the decision of the two coordinators (professors ZHOU Yunxuan & Jean-Michel ROY), a platform for educational research has been established in the frame of JoRISS. Actually, joint research projects were already developed in this field since 2013, thanks to the JoRISS call of that year prioritizing Educational Sciences. The inclusion of the discipline of educational sciences in the Prosfer program in 2014 reinforced this dynamics, leading to the amplification of interactions between two groups of researchers working at ENS de Lyon and ECNU respectively.

Four main issues...

The fruitful dynamics had then reached a point when it requires new tools in order to further expand efficiently and fruitfully within the JORISS platform. This is why was decided the creation of a JoRISS Franch-Chinese platform for educational research, aiming to address four main issues:

  • Issues of educational policy and schools governance;
  • Issues of curriculum, particularly issues related to the combination of national curriculum and school based curriculum, as well as of associated resources;
  • Issues of knowledge/competence, with an emphasis on “deep learning”;
  • Issues of professional development, particularly those linked to collective teachers work and associated working structures.

... and six goals...

  • Developing relations between researchers actually investigating at ENS de Lyon and ECNU each one of these four axes of research;
  • Developing a collective reflection around the preparation of Joriss applications;
  • Stimulating the emergence of co-supervised PHD linked to these axes;
  • Developing in a coordinated way interactions between such projects and other on-going scientific projects hosted by JORISS that are of specific relevance to the issues under exploration;
  • Developing interactions with other ENS de Lyon and ECNU structures concerned by educational research;
  • Stimulating the search for institutional, scientific and financial supports outside JORISS (regional level, national research institutions, … )

A coordination organized on both sides...

This coordination benefits from the structures dedicated to education in both sides: the Faculty of Education and its institutes in ECNU; the Laboratory of Education and the French Institute of Education in ENS de Lyon.

... for fostering the interactions between ECNU and ENS de Lyon in the field of educational research

This platform has facilitated the development of joint projects in the field of education (co-supervised PhD, seminars, joint answers to research calls...), see the page dedicated to joint activities. These projects developed in interactions with the Prosfer sessions.

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