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Karine Gauthier Vanacker

Contact informations:

Karine Gauthier
Functional Genomic of Nuclear Receptor
ENS de Lyon
46 allée d’Italie
69364 Lyon cedex 07



Tel : +33 472728616

E-mail :

Karine Gauthier studied at the ENS de Lyon and obtained her PhD in the Lab of Jacques Samarut (1996-2000) in this school. During these years she generated several of the knock-out mice currently used in a number of labs to study Thyroid Hormone Receptor (TR) functions. She participated to the early collaborative effort to characterize those mice, for a better understanding of TR roles during early postnatal development.
She then moved for her postdoctoral training (2001-2004) to David Mangelsdorf Lab at UTSW Medical Center in Dallas (TX USA) where she was an HHMI research associate. She kept on studying there nuclear receptors function using knock-out mouse models. She had special interest in finding new ligands for PXR and in studying the role of LXR in fat metabolism and macrophage functions.
She came back in France in 2004 as a permanent investigator (CR CNRS) in Jacques Samarut lab, where she is now directing a small group of people. She studies the role of Thyroid Hormones and their receptors TR in the control of lipid and glucose metabolism in peripheral tissues and their involvement in metabolic diseases development.

She is a member of the NSFA for the last three years, reviews papers for ATVB, plos one or molecular endocrinology regularly and has been selected or invited to give talks in many national and international congresses in the past years.

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