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Laurence Roulleau-Berger

Laurence Roulleau-Berger
Research Director at CNRS, Triangle, ENS de Lyon

Laurence Roulleau-Berger is Research Director at CNRS, Triangle, ENS de Lyon, Ph.D. and Habilitation in Sociology. She was visiting Scholar in University of Berkeley in 1996, at University of Lausanne in 2004, at Institute of Sociology of CASS(Beijing) in 2006, in the department of sociology of Beijing University and in Polytechnic University of Beijing in 2011. She has done comparative research in Europe and in China in urban sociology, economic sociology and sociology of migration. Since 2006 with Chinese sociologists she is involved in a epistemological way on “Post-Western sociology”. She is the French Director of the International Associated Laboratory LIA CNRS/ENS Lyon-Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (Beijing) Post-Western Sociology in France and in China. She has published numerous journal articles and chapters, and 22 books. 5 Selected books : Gender and Migration, PUF, 2010 - Dewesternization of Sociology. Europe in the mirror of China, L’Aube, 2011- co-ed with Li Peilin European and Chinese Sociologies. A New Dialogue, Brill, 2012 -co-ed with Li Peilin Internal and international Migration, Routledge Publishers, 2013 ; Post-Western Revolution in Sociology. From China to Europe, Brill, 2016. She is editor-in Chief of the Serie Post-Western Social Sciences and Global Knowledge, Brill Publishers, editor-in chief of the Serie From Eastern to Western , ENS Publishers.

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