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Laurent Bonneviot

Laurent Bonneviot was graduated in 1976  in Physical Chemistry at the University of Paris-Sud as student of Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan. He passed the prestigious teaching examination of the Agrégation de chimie in 1978 and received his M. Sc. in 1979 from the University of Paris VI. His thèse d'état (PhD) on synthesis and characterisation of nickel based heterogeneous catalysts obtained in 1983, was supervised by Professors Michel Che and Danièle Olivier at the University of Paris VI. Between 1983 and 1985, he was a NSF-CNRS Postdoctoral fellowship working with Professor Gary Haller and Professor Kurt Zilm at Yale University, on solid state NMR of adsorbed species, support effect and catalytic selectivity in oxide supported palladium and platinum. He met also at Yale, Professor Robert Crabtree and published with him a highly cited paper (more than 290 times) on the fluxionality of dihydrogenhydruroiridium complexes. Back to France as Chargé de Recherche at the CNRS, he developed with Pr. Che interfacial coordination chemistry concepts and appropriate tools such as EXAFS for first and second coordination shell characterisation of supported metal ions. In 1989 he moved to Laval University in Quebec city in Canada where he started his independent research as assistant, associate (1991) and full professor (1998). He developed there the characterisation of transition metal ions grafted on the surface or incorporated in the matrix of micro- and mesoporous silicate molecular sieves where he had also fruitful collaboration with Professor Serge Kaliaguine. In 2000 he moved back to the old continent where he currently held the position of Full Professor at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. His research group is now combining pore tailoring in oxides, surface organic modification and molecular control of grafted transition metal ions to create novel heterogeneous catalysts based on the structural and the functional concepts of metalloproteins. He has developped a new technique of surface engineering called Surface Grafting by molecular stencil patterning allowing site isolation at high coverage.

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