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Full professor                                                     
Head of the research département
Institut Français de l’Education
(Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon France)

Email :

Post-school qualifications
Habilitation à diriger des recherches (Université Paris 7) (2003)
PhD in mathematics education (Université Montpellier 2) (1996)
Agrégation de mathématiques (1992).
Positions held
Institut Français de l’Education, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (from 2011)
National Institute for Pedagogical Research: Full professor (2005/2010)
Université Montpellier 2: Associate professor (1999/2005)
High schools in Montpellier: Teacher of Mathematics (1975/1999).
Main leadership and management responsibilities held
Since September 2012, president of the French Commission for Mathematics Teaching (CFEM)
IFÉ-ENSL: Head of the department of research (2011-…)
INRP: Chair of the department Education and Technology (2007/2011)
Université Montpellier 2: director of the IREM - Research Institute on Mathematics Teaching (2000/2005).
Research interests: My work was previously dedicated to the didactical study of ICT integration in Mathematics Education, considering the interplay between instrumentation and conceptualization processes. From this work I was inspired to study, particularly, the teacher's role, introducing the notion of orchestration to model the didactical management of available artefacts in a classroom. Now my focus is the design of resources and the teacher training required in the process of digitalization. This has led me, in a joint work with Ghislaine Gueudet, to introduce a documentary approach of didactics, considering all the resources involved in the teacher's activity, and analyzing teacher development as an interplay between practice, individual and collective, and resources.
Main current/recent projects as principal investigator
Coordinator of the program Pairform@nce, aiming to conceive a repertoire of online training paths for teachers (INRP-French Ministry, 2009-2011)
Pilot of the French Brazilian CAPES-COFECUB project, involving INRP, universities Lyon 1 and Paris 7 in France, universities Bandeirante (Sao Paulo) and UFPE (Recife) in Brazil (09-10).
Major offices in scholarly and professional organisations
Editorial board of: Technology, Knowledge, and Learning: Learning mathematics, science and the arts in the context of digital technologies, Recherches en Didactique des Mathématiques, Education et didactique.
Selected advisory positions for scientific congresses:
Mathematics education, teachers meeting researchers (Lyon, France, June 2011)
Technologie et enjeux de développement : formation à distance, ressources numériques, plate-forme, multimedia, colloque Espace Mathématique francophone (Dakar, Senegal, April 2009)
Challenges and possibilities posed by different theoretical approaches in mathematics education research, International Congress on Mathematics Education (Mexico, July 2008)
La documentation des professeurs (National Summer School for didactics of mathematics) (France, August 2007)
Computer Algebra and Dynamic Geometry Systems in Math Education (Pecs, Hungary, 2007).
Expert advice
To the French agency AERES (evaluation of teaching and research teams in universities)
Member of the CNU 26 (National Council of Universities, section of Applied Mathematics, 2008-2011)
Selected recent publications
Trouche, L., Drijvers, P., Gueudet, G., & Sacristan, A. I. (2012), Technology-Driven Developments and Policy Implications for Mathematics Education, in A.J. Bishop, M.A. Clements, C. Keitel, J. Kilpatrick, & F.K.S. Leung (eds.), Third International Handbook of Mathematics Education, Springer
Gueudet, G., & Trouche, L. (2011), Mathematics teacher education advanced methods: an example in dynamic geometry, ZDM, The International Journal on Mathematics Education, 43(3), 399-411,
Gueudet, G., Pepin, B., & Trouche, L., (eds.) (2012), Mathematics Curriculum Material and Teacher Development: from text to ‘lived’ resources, Springer
Gueudet, G., & Trouche, L. (2011), ICT in France: Development of Usages, Institutional Hesitations and Research Questions, in C. Knights & A. Oldknow, Mathematics Education with Digital Technologies 23-29, Continuum Press, London.
Gueudet, G., Trouche, L. (dir.) (2010), Ressources vives. La documentation des professeurs en mathématiques, PUR, Rennes and INRP
Trouche, L., & Drijvers, P. (2010), Handheld technology for mathematics education, flashback to the future, ZDM, The International Journal on Mathematics Education, 42(7), 667-681,, DOI 10.1007/s11858-010-0269-2
Maschietto, M., & Trouche, L. (2010), Mathematics learning and tools from theoretical, historical and practical points of view: the productive notion of mathematics laboratories, ZDM, The International Journal on Mathematics Education 42(1), 33-47
Gueudet, G., & Trouche, L. (2009), Towards new documentation systems for mathematics teachers? Educational Studies in Mathematics, 71(3), 199-218,
Drijvers P., Trouche L. (2008), From artifacts to instruments: a theoretical framework behind the orchestra metaphor, in K. Heid, G. Blume (eds.), Research on Technology and the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics, Vol.2, Cases and perspectives, pp. 363-392, Information Age, Charlotte, NC, USA
Gueudet, G., & Trouche, L. (2008), Du travail documentaire des enseignants : genèses, collectifs, communautés. Le cas des mathématiques. Education et didactique, 2(3), 7-33,
Baron, M., Guin, D., & Trouche, L. (dir.) (2007), Environnements informatisés et ressources numériques pour l’apprentissage : conception et usages, regards croisés, Hermès, Paris.
Guin, D., Ruthven, K., & Trouche, L. (eds.) (2005), The didactical challenge of symbolic calculators: turning a computational device into a mathematical instrument, Springer, New York.
Trouche, L. (2005), Construction et conduite des instruments dans les apprentissages mathématiques : nécessité des orchestrations, Recherches en didactique des mathématiques, 25, 91-138
Trouche, L. (2004), Environnements informatisés et mathématiques, quels usages pour quels apprentissages ? Educational Studies in Mathematics, 55, 181-197,
Trouche, L. (2004), Managing the complexity of human/machine interactions in computerized learning environments: guiding students’ command process through instrumental orchestrations. International Journal of Computers for Mathematical Learning, 9, 281-307
Lagrange J.-B., Artigue M., Laborde C., Trouche L. (2003), Technology and Mathematics Education: a Multidimensional Study of the Evolution of Research and Innovation, in A. Bishop, M.A. Clements, C. Keitel, F.K.S. Leung (eds.), Second International Handbook of Mathematics Education. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 239-271

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