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Lucie Etienne joined the Research Center for Infectiology Research (CIRI ENS-Lyon) as a CNRS faculty in 2015. She leads a Research Axis on the “Evolution of virus-host interactions, and impact on cross-species transmission”, within the team “Host-pathogen interaction during lentiviral infection” directed by Andrea Cimarelli. She currently supervises and mentors two grad students, a postdoc, and two staff scientists to study virus-host interactions through the lenses of evolution.

Lucie did her Ph.D. thesis with Martine Peeters, Montpellier, on the origin of HIV, at the interface of virology, primatology, and phylogeography. Intrigued by the viral molecular evolution that took place during these successful cross-species transmissions, she joined Michael Emerman’s Lab at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, Seattle USA, who developed the “indirect paleovirology” concept with Harmit Malik. Thanks to this interdisciplinary training, she uses today an innovative approach based on the Red Queen evolutionary concepts and phylogenetics in combination with functional in vitro analyses of viruses and hosts to discover novel antiviral proteins and to better understand how some species may be naturally resistant to pathogenic viruses from bats and primates.

Lucie has notably been the recipient of the amfAR Mathilde Krim independence fellowship and several young investigator awards. Since 2010, she has taught multiple Master-degree lectures on viral emergence and she is the coauthor of peer-reviewed publications in Cell Host Microbe, PNAS, Plos Pathogens, Plos Bio, etc.


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