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Thursday, March 3 2016

In presence of ECNU Vice President for Research WANG Rongming

The digital metamorphosis of teaching forms leads to questioning the nature and structure of resources for learning . Converging research conducted on this topic at JoRISS, and involving the Institut Rhône Alpin des Systèmes complexes (IXXI, ENSL), the Institut Français de l’Education (IFE, ENSL), the Software Engineering Institute (ECNU) and the Faculty of Education of ECNU, will be presented by Luc Trouche [JoRISS Project 2013/2015 : Teaching Mathematics in a time of change : the role of collectives and resources for developing teacher expertise] and Stéphane Grumbach [Joriss Project 2015 : Promises of intermediation platforms for services frugal in resources, co-directed with Prof. Aoying Zhou] and discussed.

1. Opening words by Joriss coordinators J-M. Roy & GU Hongliang

2. General Introduction by L. Trouche & S/ Grumbach

3. Towards a Joriss education lab by Luc Trouche
Previous collaborations between ECNU and ENS de Lyon evidenced four common interests: issues of educational policy and governance of schools; issues of curriculum, particularly the combination of national curriculum and school based curriculum, and associated resources; interactions knowledge/competencies, and the questioning of what could be a “deep learning”; issues of professional development, particularly those linked to the collective teachers work and associated working structures. Strengthening these collaborations requires to develop a structure welcoming different projects in the field of educational research, and favouring their cross fertilisation.

4. Intermediation, a new era for organisations at the age of big data by S.Grumbach
Intermediation platforms connect people, services, or things, which have common or complementary interest and would benefit from getting to know each other, to be acquainted. Platforms are now economic power of top importance, at the level of energy corporations. They offer services, which became essential utilities. They are indispensable not only for simple citizens, but as well for corporations, which rely on their services for their relation with their clients or other fundamental aspects. Educational platforms remotely present course materials on devices, sometimes in mobile contexts. The format of such materials must thus be adapted. Interactive media, short videos, user-friendly interfaces must thus be investigated. Using learning data to enhance learning may be a promising opportunity.

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