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Physics (Dirac/Weyl matter)

Transport investigation of Dirac/Weyl matter

The research project is under the co-supervision of
Edmond ORIGNAC                                           WU Xing
(Physics, ENS Lyon)                                         (Physics, ECNU)                 


Dirac/Weyl semimetals are materials in which the dispersion relation of conduction electrons is similar to the one of relativistic particles, with the Fermi velocity playing the role of the speed of light. They have attracted extensive attention in recent years, both for theoretical reasons (such as the predictions of Fermi arc surface states, chiral magnetoelectric effect and anomalous quantization of Landau levels in magnetic field) and because of potential applications (the materials being a kind of three-dimensional graphene). This project brings together researchers from ECNU and ENS de Lyon to investigate the fundamental properties of Dirac and Weyl semimetals.

The project aims to combine theoretical and experimental work to achieve the following objectives:
1) To study the intrinsic mechanisms of transport in bulk Dirac/Weyl matter.
2) To explore 2D layered structure including monolayer: layers with different phase structure, and edge structure allow probing the effect of confinement on Dirac/Weyl matter.

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