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Pre-Call for Research Projects 2014

Du April 29, 2014 au May 31, 2014
  The 5th Call for Research Projects of the Joint Research Institute for Science & Society (JoRISS) will be officially released on June 1, 2014.
    Like the previous ones, this call will distinguish two categories of projects :
            1/ projects dealing with the 2014 priority research domain
            2/ free topic projects (« Projets blancs »).
    This preliminary announcement is intended to prepare the launch of the official call by providing potential applicants with a sufficient amount of time for establishing the necessary scientific contacts.
    If you are interested in launching or developing a scientific collaboration between ENS de Lyon through this 2014 JoRISS call, you are invited to discusss your interests with one of the two JoRISS coordinators at your earliest convenience. They will assist you in your search for scientific partnership as well as in formatting your research project adequately. 
    - ECNU Coordinator: Professor Gu Hongliang
    - ENS de Lyon Coordinator: Professor Jean-Michel Roy
2014 Priority Domain: Data Science & Big Data

      Of fairly recent coinage, the term Data Science acquired wider currency in the early 2000’s and designates a new field resulting in large part from the synthesis of a variety of disciplines involved with the handling of information data. The emergence of this field is intimately connected with our entry in a technological age of massive production of information, and it is commonly understood as dealing centrally with the problem of extracting knowledge from huge sets of information data, or Big Data. It is of key importance across the entire scientific spectrum, as nearly all disciplines are now confronted with the issues resulting from the availability of massive amounts of information.
   The call intends to contribute to its development through the establishment of ECNU/ ENS de Lyon dedicated research projects. It adopts a deliberately broad and pluridisciplinary perspective and welcomes proposals dealing with all the major aspects of Data Science and Big Data.
       Research projects are accordingly expected not only from data scientists themselves, but also from any field where the key problems of collecting, stocking and analyzing massive data arise in specific forms ( biology, physics, linguistics, sociology …).

      Beyond the technical and theoretical difficulties they raise, Big Data also elicit a number of interrogations of a more societal nature, ranging from the economical to the ethical and political. Projects addressing these questions are also welcome.
Free topic Projects:

    The 5th Call is also open, without any topic limitation, to all research projects satisfying the JoRISS conditions of eligibility.

General conditions of eligibility:

        All research projects jointly headed by an ECNU investigator and an ENS de Lyon affiliated investigator (CNRS, INSERM, etc…researchers are eligible) can apply. Team members may include researchers from other institutions, especially from University of Lyon partners.
 Reminder : What is JoRISS ?

     Created in 2010, the Joint Research Institute for Science & Society (JoRISS) is an international research structure designed to foster Sino-French scientific collaborations between the East China University (ECNU), the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon (ENS) and the French National Center for Scientific Investigation (CNRS).
      JoRISS has 3 main missions:
   · to facilitate scientific contacts leading to the emergence of common research projects;
     · to incubate new research projects selected via annual calls for projects ;
     · to help the development of research projects previously incubated within JoRISS or independently of JoRISS.

For more information, please consult the JoRISS website at

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