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Seminar session announcement


Séminaire d'Epistémologie des Sciences Cognitives : TOWARD A NON CARTESIAN COGNITIVE SCIENCE

Jeudi 16 Décembre 201014h30-17h30
Site Descartes, Salle F 106

Philosophy/Psychology, University of Central Florida
Teams as embodied, Enactive and Extended Cognitive Systems

Theories emerging from the cognitive sciences and social neuroscience are making great strides in helping us understand the brain and body in the context of intersubjectivity.  Nonetheless, a critical concept, and one from which a large extant literature can be drawn, is omitted - that of teams.  Differentiations between teams and groups is a robust distinction having to do with issues surrounding duration, goals, and, most importantly, interdependence.  But studies of teams and teamwork are still largely grounded in information processing theories of cognition. In this presentation I outline how findings from research on teams can contribute to a richer understanding of intersubjectivity through, not only more refined concepts, but also through better specification of hypotheses and methods driving the next generation of social neuroscience studies. Further, I discuss how recent research in embodied, extended, and embedded cognition, may help us better understand teamwork as an extended cognitive system.  

Department of Philosophy / JoRISS (KAL), East China Normal University
Embodied approaches to cognitive science

Embodiment in the field of cognitive science refers to understanding the role of an agent's own body in its everyday, situated cognition. The approach of embodied cognitive science itself comes in many varieties and flavors none of which is uniquely correct or authoritative. In the lecture, I begin by presenting some new conceptions of embodied cognitive science. Moderate forms of embodied cognitive science share the metaphysical core of cognitive science while radical forms of embodied cognitive science abandon these core commitments. I shall defend moderate embodied cognitive science. At the same time, with a side view on possible differences in explanatory power between the different programs, I will analyze how far they comport, at least in principle, with traditional cognitive science program.

Organisé avec le concours du Cluster 14.


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