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The expansion of epistemology: The metaphysical vs The pragmatic approach (KAL)

Conference of Professor YU Zhenhua (ECNU, Philosophy)
June 9, 2011

Place(s) :

Salle F 05, Campus Descartes
ENS de Lyon
"In the perspective of world philosophy, one phenomenon of the 20th century is quite intriguing. In China as well in the West, there were a group of philosophers who were not happy with the traditional conception of epistemology. They thought that traditional epistemology was too narrow-minded and argued that the scope of epistemology should be expanded. The Chinese way of expanding epistemology might be called the metaphysical approach and the Western way the pragmatic approach. In this talk, I will first of all give an outline of both approaches, and then try to demonstrate that a substantial dialogue can be created between them. By focusing on the problem of the articulation of what we know, I will make the metaphysical approach and the practical approach engage each other and thus prove to be mutually complementary."

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