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WU Ruijun

East China Normal University

Rui-Jun WU, Dean of School of Social Development, ECNU. as well as the Director of Center for Studies of International Migration and Overseas Chinese Policies,ECNU, Shanghai. Dr. Wu holds many academic positions including: Executive Member of the China Population Association, Vice President of Shanghai Overseas Chinese Historical Society , Member of Expert Committee of Overseas Chinese affairs office of the State Council among others. Dr. Wu’s main research interests are in the areas of City Population Development and Public policies, Population Aging and Elderly Security, International Migration and Overseas Chinese Policies. She was Visiting Scholar, St.Olaf College,USA in 2000-2001. She has published numerous journal articles and chapters, and 6 books. 5 selected articles in refereed journals :
  • Strategic Research on Collaborative Development Services for the Elderly of Shanghai Metropolitan. Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press.2005
  • Shanghai Metropolitan Population Development Strategy Research, Sichuan People Press, 2006
  • Aged Care Measures for the Only-child Parents. Daily of China Population, 2007-07-02
  • Research and Thinking on the Impact of Aging for the Government Social Management, Social sciences academic press, 2011
  • Spatial Distribution of Shanghai Elderly Population and Its Impact on Allocation of Resources for Public Services. Statistical Science and Practice. No.10 2012


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